Following critical success of 'Of Mind and Music,Adams has several projects in development

as writer/director and/or producer, including: 


“THE ROAD DANCE”  (Based on true events)

(Based on the novel by John Mackay)

— It’s 1915 and the world is at war, though its ravages have yet to claim the young men of Gearrannan, a humble village in the Western Isles of Scotland. Wanting a proper sendoff for 'Murdo' and the lads to the “Western Front," the town hosts a “road dance.” That evening something vile happens to 'Kirsty' that changes her life forever, prompting her to question all that she knows and all who know her. As news comes back from the war and the trust of the community erodes around her, Kirsty is forced to deal with the consequences of that fateful night and resolves to control her own fate. In this current age when respect for women and womanhood has become paramount, this historical drama could not be more relevant. 

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(Based on the novel, 'Eben Kruge' by Richard Barlow Adams)

— A mystery thriller with a darkly comic tone showing how the young novelist comes to write his most beloved book — “A CHRISTMAS CAROL.” Set at the end of his first disastrous American tour in 1842, it is fiction framed against fact, exploring Dickens’ passion for truth and the lengths he will go to get a story. Like “A CHRISTMAS CAROL,” it embraces the supernatural and is told against the backdrop of a childhood secret that the writer would take to his grave... the shame of which profoundly colors both his life and narratives.

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"48" (Based on true events) 

(Original screenplay)

— In a Friday night game in a small Louisiana community in 2015 a white teenager accidentally kills a black teenager on the football field. The tragedy stretches both communities to their emotional and spiritual limits, as the lives of Cody, who makes the tackle, and “B," the best friend of the youth who dies, are thrust into a spiral of confusion, violence and desperate acts.

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